How are you hiring today?

How are you hiring talent today? Still using job boards? Stll using the traditional recruiter that is paid on success fees when you hire someone? How is that working for you? What about social media? Do you post status updates to your LinkedIn profile?  Do you use Linked In job postings or ads? Do you try Twittering or posting to your Facebook corporate page?

Recruiting is changing and it is changing at the speed of light. I know because two of my clients are in this space. The first is Head2Head.  They are redefining how a recruiting company works and doubling in size each year so something must be working for them.  They give you all the benefits of having an internal 1000+ person recruiting organization, except you only pay for what you need, by specialty, and when you need it. Need two recruiters for 3 months to hire 7 new sales reps for the start of a new sales year. No problem.  And take a look at how they hire salespeople themselves. Is this how your company operates?

Consider another client of mine, Careerify. On average, companies get 26% of their new employees as referrals from existing employees. What would it be worth to your company to drive this percentage 10 percent higher? Considering that companies spend $6 billion on recruiters and another $3.3 billion on job boards, the answer is "A LOT". 

Careerify's Professional And Social Network Driven Employee Referral Technology from Careerify on Vimeo.

So, I ask you, how are you doing in recruiting in the Talent Wars.

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