Being Vulnerable

December 7, 2012

A number of years ago, I learnt an important lesson about leadership. Many courses and business books talk about leadership attributes in terms of being strong, confident, assertive, driven, high energy, and focussed. I am sure you have heard or read this many times. What I learnt is the value of being humble, open, honest ...

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What start-up CEO’s, Boards and Shareholder can learn from the US election

December 1, 2012

Given that I am an outsider, I recognize that by commenting on the US Election in a polarized political environment, I risk offending someone. So with my apologies given in advance, here are four observations of what start-up's can learn from the US election… 1.       Don't make your CEO re-interview for their job every 4 ...

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Style versus Substance

One of the hardest parts of being a leader is developing the skill to differentiate between when an employee doing something wrong or when they are just doing something different from how you would. If you do not manage the process properly, you risk project failure or demoralized teams. A good leader does not micro-manage ...

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My LinkedIn Experiment

A few weeks ago, I proposed an experiment on LinkedIn to crowd source opinions of who I am. The challenge was to capture the consensus of people in my LinkedIn network regarding their perception of me. To do so, I proposed using LinkedIn’s new Skills Endorsement feature to capture these market perceptions.  Now, with over ...

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