Soft Skills Training Specifically Tailored for your Company’s Consulting, Services, Sales and Leadership Teams

Consulting Skills Workshop: Many technology, software and professional service companies strive to hire the best and the brightest in their field. Their employees often have degrees in science, business, economics, engineering or computer science. As a result, while highly skilled in the “what” and “how” of the project, these individuals lack the same savvy in the interactions with peers, partners and clients.

The Meaford Group’s Consulting Skills Workshop is a program to help solves these issues.The CSW is a customizable classroom training session for your technical, consulting, implementation and customer service professionals. It can vary in length, but is commonly delivered in either a ½ day or full day classroom format as part of a quarterly or annual training program. The CSW consists of lectures, group discussions, and group exercises focused around a tailored agenda that has been matched to your most common or largest problem areas. The material focuses on improving your teams’ communication, selling and general business acumen skills, as it specifically apply to their roles in implementing technology solutions for your clients.  >>> Learn More

Developing Better Leaders Workshop: One of the greatest challenges faced by successful startups is growing the skills of your leaders as fast as you grow the company. In the early days, start-ups are an “all hands on deck” effort to build products and secure referencable customers. Employees are highly motivated and driven to succeed. Since your company is small, your visionary leadership aligns your committed and passionate employees to common goals without complexity.

As your company grows, leadership requirements evolve. Growth leads to more moving parts, increased business complexity, higher customer expectations, more employees and more layers of management. Your leaders often struggle with maintaining earlier levels of employee commitment, alignment and passion while meeting the increased execution requirements of a bigger and more complex business.  

The Meaford Group’s Developing Better Leaders Workshop is a program to help develop your leaders to adapt and grow into the challenges they are facing. >>> Learn More

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