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Welcome to the Meaford Group.

In today’s hyperactive tech world, software and professional services companies are exploding onto the scene at a rate never seen before. Our world has changed and technology is the driver, whether it is driven by advances in internet accessability and speed, or new technologies like Artifical Intelligence, Mobile, e-Commerce or Social Media.

Yet, business still face generations-old problems of finding and retaining talent to built products, sell their solutions and operate their business; managing growth and profitability;  managing, developing and retaining people; delivering value to their customers; and staying competitive in their markets. We help our clients succeed in these challenges by providing real-life experience and advice.

We are advisors in strategy and execution for  software and professional services companies. We focus on  strategy, talent, change management, mentoring and training to equip our clients to succeed.  

We are also “Connectors”. Through our extensive network of prospective employees, senior technology executives, investors and advisors, we connect our clients to Talent, Resources and Relationships.

If you want to know how we can add value to your company, check out our case studies of how we have helped other companies like yours. If you are just browsing, take a moment and read our Blogs. We are capturing real-time events and creating “learnings” to share with others. Bookmark us, and come back from time to time to read more.

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