Business Coaching Services

My Business Coaching Services is a retainer based service that provides one-on-one mentoring for CEO’s, COO’s, and Sales or Professional Services Vice-Presidents in software, professional services and high tech companies only.  The coaching is operational. The focus is to grow capability while improving operational results.

What is a Business Coach?

Like any coach, a Business Coach is someone who works in an advisory capacity with an individual to help them improve their performance, achieve their objectives and advise them on issues that they are facing. In sports, a coach directs the actions of an athlete or a team, during training, in preparation for a competition or on strategy and tactics during the competition. Similarly, a career or life coach works with an individual to help them set a course and achieve objectives related to personal success.

My business coaching services are different. Like other coaches, my goal is to grow the abilities of my clients by guiding them to solutions to their challenges, but because of my strong operational background and experience, my approach is practical, pragmatic and focused on their current business issues. 

At times, my client will be looking to their coach “to be taught” a new approach to tackling a difficult issue. Other times, my client will be looking “to be coached” – to brainstorm in a safe environment with someone who can act as their peer, provide feedback, alternative ideas or approaches and help them refine and improve their thinking. But at times, with the clock ticking down to a deadline, my client will be looking “to be told” – teach me later, but for now, tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes.

My approach uses the “Teach me, Coach me, Tell me” philosophy to add value to the leaders with whom I work.  Applying my 30 years of experience in sales, professional services, as a general manager and as a consultant, I help leaders act confidently, perform better and grow.

How does Coaching work?

Coaching sessions are two hour meetings, held tri-weekly, in person or by phone. Each meeting focuses on topics that the client wishes to discuss, typically current business issues. The discussions are real-time and aimed at solving current problems while learning new skills and approaches.  The client will set the agenda for each meeting, but the coach will ensure that over time the objectives of the engagement are being satisfied.

What are the benefits of engaging a Coach for your team?

Talent improves business results. Coaching is an inexpensive way to grow talent and experience faster on your team. My involvement will reduce risk because I will catch issues before negative consequences occur. I will also increase the capacity of your leaders to deliver results which would otherwise be a stretch. Investing in your senior employees is also a proven strategy for retention and reduced attrition.

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