Developing Better Leaders

Have you ever seen?

Managers not dealing with employee performance issues until they become a crisis. Leaders becoming buried in day-to-day minutia and failing to see the big picture. Employees that become entitled and put their interests ahead of the company’s. Managers who are unwilling or unable to prioritize and deal with the important stuff.  Conflict between internal departments that get in the way of meeting corporate goals.  These are some of the symptoms of leadership that is failing to keep pace with the growth of the company.

What is a Developing Better Leaders Workshop?

Developing Better Leaders is a customizable classroom training session for your VP’s, Directors and Managers.  It can vary in length, but is commonly delivered in either a ½ day or full day classroom format as part of a quarterly or annual training program. The Workshop consists of lectures, group discussions, and group exercises focused around a tailored agenda that has been matched to your most common or largest problem areas. The material focuses on improving your team’s leadership and management skills; their ability to attract, hire and manage top talent; and their execution capabilities.

What is Different about the Developing Better Leaders Workshop?

Three Words: Relevance, Experience and Practicality. While many organizations offer leadership training courses, our’s focuses on the challenges faced by start-up and early stage high tech, software and professional services companies.  Each leadership workshop is tailored to your organization, uses relevant examples of the day to day situations that your leaders face. Each workshop is designed to give your leaders the tools and techniques they can start applying the next day when they return to their teams.  

Our Methodology

While a great deal of the workshop material and structure is already developed and tested on audiences, we don’t just “show up and throw up”. Our project starts with understanding the specific issues and behaviors you are trying to resolve and correct. Our next step is to prioritize the content and develop a relevant and time feasible agenda. Once we have agreed upon an agenda and time, we prepare and tailor the content using your language, jargon, and examples of real life scenarios that occur in your business. We build our agenda to be engaging, interactive and participatory.

Agenda Topics

Your leadership agenda will be uniquely tailored to meet the goals of your management team, based on a subset of the topics listed below:

Leadership Introduction: This introduction discusses the topic of leadership, management and what the differences are.

Attracting, Hiring and Leading Top Talent: This module presents the challenges of attracting and managing top talent and strategies that lead to success.

The Role of a Leader: This module explores the role of the leader as a mentor, coach, goal setter, and disciplinarian. Leaders are taught techniques to respond to this complex role.

Understanding People’s Styles: This module uses relevant examples and exercises to help the leaders understand how people think differently and interact with each other.

Communication Skills: Successful leaders are strong communicators. This module helps build those required skills in new leaders.   

Selling Skills: Leaders sell. They sell vision to employees, customers and partners. This module gives them many of the tools that are fundamental to any sales process and allows them to better represent your company.  

Execution Excellence: This module emphasizes the importance of execution excellence in any department, business unit, or division within a company and provides concepts and tools that will help leaders become better operational executives.

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