Since 2006, The Meaford Group has been providing our clients with business advice that accelerates their growth and helps them overcome the issues of scaling a business. 

Smith is the founder of the Meaford Group. Pete is a seasoned senior executive with over twentry-five years of global experience at IBM and PeopleSoft in a variety of sales, operational and executive positions. For the past fourteen years, Peter has owned his own consultancy, The Meaford Group, which provides business advisory services to CEO’s, founders and executives of software and professional services companies. Peter has also served as a corporate director on the boards of a number of software and services companies, assisted in launching start-ups, raised seed and follow-on rounds and assisted in the sale of businesses.

The Meaford Group provides mentoring for key business leaders; strategic business advice; and strategy, planning, change management & training services to software and professional services companies, ranging in size from a few dozen employees to thousand person organizations.

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Mission and Guiding Principles

Our mission is to help software and professional services companies scale and accelerate growth. We do that by guiding today’s leaders to succeed and by mentoring tomorrow’s leaders for success.

Our values and guiding principles define how we work. They also create the framework for our clients’ expectations of us. We believe “trust” and “relationship” are paramount to our mutual success. Our participation with our clients may not be continuous, but is for long term. As an advisor to your company, you should expect be able to repeatedly call upon us as your business grows. You should expect from us:

  • Honesty. Expect frank discussions and candid opinion. We can’t help if we aren’t honest about what we think.
  • Integrity. It is more than just “all about business”. Our behaviour will be driven by our high integrity. We will earn your trust and confidence.
  • It is your Business. We can help, we can advise,  we can coach but we will never usurp your responsibility for decision-making
  • Communication is paramount. We will tell it like it is. Always. Promptly.
  • Our first loyalty is to you, our client.

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