November 25, 2011

There is a lot of noise made about Silicon Valley and why it is such a successful place for incubating and growing start-ups. Many attribute that region's success to availability of investment capital, role models, mentoring resources, the critical mass of talent and its entrepreneurial culture.  Conversely, many point to Ontario's fledging tech start-up community ...

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The Power of the Network

This week, I had the privilege of attending a Director's Dinner event organized by Howard Gwin and Derek Smyth of OMERS Ventures, Chris Chapman and Dan Wilson of KPMG's National Technology Practice and Digital Puck.ca . As I sat in this event with 40 other  CEO's and Director's  representing many of the tech stars in ...

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The Case of Beer Time Management Rule

November 22, 2011

I was leaving a client's at 6:30 one evening and stopped to chat with one of the folks still at work. She was completing a monthly reporting task that is analytic in nature but somewhat subjective in how you chose to report the data. It is one of those administrative tasks that needs to be ...

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Leading in tough times, Managing tough messages

November 9, 2011

Your company is in the crapper. Its stock value has dropped by over half. You have just gone though the company's first ever lay-off. Good employees are resigning because they have lost faith. There is a daily onslaught of stories in the media predicting your company's demise. Employee morale is terrible. Critics say that your products have lost relevance. As a team leader or manager, your job is to maintain positive morale, keep productivity high, and retain and recruit talent. Your task seems impossible.

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