Value Realization, not just Value Proposition

June 3, 2018

I work with many enterprise class B2B software and SaaS companies. Many are continually looking for ways to increase the value proposition to grow average deal size, but in their search for greater Value Proposition, they often miss the concept of Value Realization. Consider this example. You are the maker of lead generation software operating in ...

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Customer Service Lessons: Some companies understand. Many don’t

May 13, 2014

It continues to amaze me how some large companies with so many available resources, can spend so much money on customer service and yet still be so inept. This past December I rented a Chrysler Minivan from Hertz in Calgary. When I arrived in Calgary temperature was -30C and my destination was Panorama Ski Resort. ...

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What do your email habits say about you?

April 15, 2013

If you can't manage your Inbox, Can you really manage your company? Email is a fact of life in business communications and I don't see that changing. Many people now advise on their voicemail that for faster response, instead of leaving a voicemail, send them an email instead.  Some people are more blatant and state ...

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Customer Service: The Final Frontier

June 28, 2012

It's hard being a software or technology company or service provider. With technologies leapfrogging each other, it is tough to keep from getting commoditized, regardless of how big you are or technologically superior you once were (just ask RIM). Customers have short memories, especially when your latest interaction with them isn't working the way they ...

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What not to do if you are running a Customer Service organization

April 17, 2012

I recently booked a flight for my wife on Westjet. For some reason, their website was having a problem and after trying twice, I gave up trying to book online. I phoned their 1-888 number and experienced one of the worst IVR (Interactive Voice Response) experiences of my life.  Basically the system is set up ...

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Being Competitively Different

November 12, 2010

On Monday morning,  I attended a presentation by Professor Youngme Moon on how companies differentiate themselves from their competitors.    Similar to her colleague, Clayton Christensen, Moon points out the danger of listening too much to your customers.  Her point is that doing so will lead competitors to move towards a point where they look like ...

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