Is your recruiting failing because of you?

Many technology companies fail to meet their growth potential because they  struggle to hire in a timely manner. As a management consultant specializing in professional services and software industries, it is common to be asked by my clients to help with their recruiting strategy. As a result, I think I have developed some unique perspectives into why companies are failing to win in the talent war.

Last September, Kim Benedict and I wrote a post entitled “Would you run your sales process like you run recruiting?” In that post, argued that recruiting fails in many companies because of a lack of process,  inadequate recruiting technology,  weak value messaging and management inattention. Extending the analogy from sales to professional services: “Would you let your customers run a project the way you do?”

As many technology company executives know, it is difficult, if not impossible, to successfully implement their products in their customers’ businesses if the customer’s executives, project teams and users are not engaged and do not fulfill their commitments during the implementation project. Yet when it comes to hiring, these same tech companies who engage an external recruiter, fail to achieve the results they want for many of the same reasons that a technology implementation project fails to complete on-time and on-budget.

In implementation projects, often the reasons for failure have nothing to do with the quality, fit or work effort of your product or your team. Professional service projects often fail because of things that are under the control of the customer:

With the above list in mind, here are examples of behaviours that I see get in the way of the successful recruiting:

The examples above are simply some of the things your customers do to you to interfere with their own project success… not resourcing a project properly… not having executive involvement in the project… letting the scope creep… changing their requirements once the project has started… not getting their work done on-time… being unrealistic about the cost…

When we are the vendor, we can clearly see how our customers shoot themselves in the foot. It is too bad we can’t use a mirror to see it when we are the customer.

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