Will my product sell?

I have been engaged in a email exchange with a young entrepreneur over the past couple of weeks. I met him at the C100 Accelerate TO event. Like any good CEO, he was trying to get exposure for his company by pitching it to senior execs and investors in attendance. I gave him some coaching which he followed up with an email. He recently pitched a new product concept by email and asked for my opinion. After responding, I thought it may be valuable to others so here it is:

"I am not sure it matters whether I like your solution or not, since I am probably not your target market and may not have the perspective to assess the viability. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself that may help you answer the question of product viability.

You also need to be careful in not creating a chameleon company. I understand you have a flexible platform but if you develop different solutions for different business problems, you risk confusing the market and particularly investors, about what you are doing. You also risk looking like you have a solution looking for a problem."

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