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I took a break from writing during December and January. It was a combination of being busy with too many other activities and a bit of writer's block. I decided that with ten hours on a plane last week, it is time to get back at it.

For those of you that use LinkedIn, you probably received an email a couple of weeks ago that read sometime like this:

"Peter.  2010 was a year of change. 272 of your LinkedIn connections started something new. Here are a few of them…"

That got me thinking about how integral LinkedIn has become to my business life. With over 1600 connections, I use LinkedIn daily, often to connect others together. In fact, I added over 400 connections in 2010. I recently looked back at 2010 and discovered that I had also sent over 75 virtual introductions or "e-intro" emails last year.

So what is the significance of these "e-intro" emails and what can it mean for your  career or  business?

Back in August, I wrote a blog on Networking called "When people ask how I build my Network".  

At the time, I talked about the amount of effort network building requires. I strongly believe that networking is a "Give to Get" business. The more I seem to "give" (doing things like introducing interesting and talented people to each other), the more I "get" in return from people seeking me out to help them or returning the favour by helping me.  For example, one of my new clients in 2010 came from a request for help. A colleague of his introduced us and he was wondering if I knew of anyone with specific qualifications for a senior role in his company. I introduced him to three people, one of which he eventually hired. This started a business relationship that has now led to him becoming one of my clients.  This is not an isolated incident. Many of my miscellaneous encounters with people have led to interesting opportunities.   

Try something new for 2011. Set aside 2 or 3 hours a week for networking either as breakfast, coffee or lunch meetings or virtually using LinkedIn. See what difference it makes by this time next year.

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