Another rant about email etiquette

I am reverting back to a topic that I have ranted about in the past: lack of email etiquette and the damage it does to personal brand and possibly your career success  (How email damages your Personal Brand and What do your email habits say about you).

I recently introduced two people because there was a mutual business opportunity. One was a CEO of a company that I know very well. The other was a VC that I also know. Before I introduce people, I check with both individually to make sure they have the time and interest in being introduced.

Prior to e-intro, I explained the opportunity and that the other party would be in town the next week so they could meet face to face on Monday or Tuesday His response was his time was a little tight for a call for a call this week so perhaps a call next week.

I reiterated that they were actually in town next week. I also suggested I could provide a 25 page word document if he wanted to scan before deciding if he wants the meeting. He responded yes and will give it a quick scan through. After I sent it, he responded with that it was too much to read and “Why don’t we set up a call for next week?”

I responded again that they are in town next week and when was he available. He suggested Tuesday 2pm. I knew they already had a meeting booked then so I did the e-intro to introduce the CEO & the VC. In the e-intro I mentioned they already had a meeting at 2 so I would get out of the way as middleman and let them figure out a mutual time.  

The CEO responded to the e-intro inquiring when else the VC might be available on Monday or Tuesday. The response was “Hi – how’s Tuesday 2pm at my office?”

By this point, it was obvious that he was so busy that he wasn’t even reading and digesting his emails, so I advised my CEO not to bother scheduling the meeting.

In sales, there is an old saying. If a vendor isn’t responsive before you buy, what are they going to be like after the sale? The same goes for investors. Prior to this event, I respected this investment firm partner and was willing to introduce him to companies that I thought were good investments. Now I am not so sure.

I recently read an article entitled: “10 Irritating Behaviors that will Ruined your Career”.   It is worth reading. I would add an 11th behavior: poor email etiquette.

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