FirstThe Victoria Day long weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year,  especially when the blackflies have yet to make an appearance.  This year is particularly spectacular given the clear skies and temperatures in the eighties. Unfortunately, the Lake is still 56 degrees so no swimming this weekend unless someone falls in while re-attaching the dock and raft. (Editor’s note: after I wrote this, my daughter and my niece did go in swimming, but not for very long)

This usually is a weekend for chores to open the cottage but since this is my third weekend here this year, most of them are done already which leaves me time for “working from a nicer place“.  Working at the cottage is different. The work is more cerebral and less pressured like writing  this Blog. A lot of it is cleanup, like reading a 34 Page shareholder agreement that I have been procrastinating upon by carrying it around in my briefcase for the past few weeks or clearing out the  thirty or so emails that are overdue in my follow-up folder.Second

 The question is why do I even work when I am here? Why do I not just relax and do nothing?

 I think the answer is that I am genetically programmed to be unable to “do nothing” for more than about  ten minutes and then I get bored. So instead, I work.

 When you wake up at 6am, other than email, what else is there to do that won’t wake up the family who doesn’t get up until 10 or later. Working on a keyboard is about the quietest task that I am capable of doing. And in the afternoon, while everyone is sprawled out reading or consumed by some other task, it is an opportune time to write a Blog on my PlayBook while enjoying a beer.

 ThirdBut as in my “Case of beer time management” blog, when the beer is done, so it this Blog.

Adieu and enjoy the long weekend.

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