The challenges of launching a new website

Welcome to my new website. People like me should not be allowed to make design decisions because we (I) have no sense of style, taste or colour; nor do I have anything resembling an artistic bone in my body. This makes us (me) a pain in the butt for the poor company who took my money to redesign my website. 

Beyond that, the  problem becomes even more challenging because I am technical enough to know what I want and what the technology should be able to deliver , but not technical enough to do it myself. Again, this makes me a pain in the butt for the poor designer who has to deal with my website.

My sense of style and taste in colours are so bad that my wife and children have to choose my clothes. There is a reason why God gave me three daughters.  Many years ago at PeopleSoft, we were hosting a large consulting conference. As part of the welcome package, each consultant received a nice golf shirt. My assistant had a sales rep for golf clothing bring in a number of sample shirt styles and colours. She and some of the organizers felt obligated to invite me into the selection process. Fortunately, my sense of self-awareness was high that day and in response to her invitation to participate in choosing the golf shirts, I replied, “I have very strong opinions and lousy taste so would you like to re-consider that invitation?” They hastily retreated from my office and I was excluded from this and other similar decision-making with respect to the conference. As a result, it was an overwhelming success.

So, back to my website. It is finally done. So welcome, I hope you enjoy it, and I apologize if I made lousy design choices.

ps. Great work by the whole team at FACTOR[e] Design Initiative who did the brand refresh and website design and implementtion. If you like my website, the credit goes to them

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