Backing a Winner – an epilogue

It has been over two years since I wrote the blog “Backing a Winner”  ,  which was about Larisa Yurkiw’s quest to fund her vision to become the fastest women in the world of downhill skiing. At that time, Larisa, who had her funding cancelled when the Alpine Canada cut their speed racing program, was on the road to the Sochi Olympics. She had raised enough money to fund her season and had earned the qualification for her Olympic moment. As one of her sponsors, we were so proud of her accomplishment.

Last month, Larisa announced her retirement from downhill skiing.  After three years of sponsoring Team Larisa Racing, we continue to be proud of her and her accomplishments. During her last three years, Larisa climbed from 77th, to being ranked # 3 in the world. She didn’t make her goal but after her fifth knee surgery (this time on her good knee), her time to set new goals has come.

In “Backing a Winner”, I talked about how Larisa reminded me of many of the entrepreneurs that I coach. She was full of passion and an incredible drive to succeed, even when taking on goals that many considered insurmountable. And now, like many of those entrepreneurs, when her goals have proved elusive and just beyond her reach, it is time for her to pivot, modify her goals and start a new journey.

So for now, enjoy her accomplishment as you watch this video recap of her final season.   I know this will not be the last time that the world stage hears of Larisa.

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