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As Board Chairman at Vana, Peter was instrumental in the success of Vana including my personal growth as a first-time CEO, our raising of capital and recent exit to I highly recommend Peter.


Pete has been instrumental in helping drive our business forward. Pete is not going to tell you what you want to hear -- he will challenge you and help drive your thinking to places you hadn't considered. As the founder and CEO of my company, it was sometimes difficult to have someone pick apart my strategy, but in the end, we are significantly better off because of it. If you're looking for results, Pete is your man.


Pete was a highly valued contributor to the strategic direction of the Grantium. He provided exceptional insight and always offered innovative thinking and perspectives while demonstrating his results oriented leadership style in ensuring effective execution of initiatives under his direction.

In a growing organization such as ours, it’s important to involve people that have Peter's enthusiasm, skill and experience. Over the past 3 years, Peter has facilitated multiple skills workshops aimed at increasing our teams’ business acumen and challenging the status quo. His ability to relate to past experiences, and adapt to our ‘real world’ challenges, allowed him to keep his audience engaged and active throughout the sessions. In addition to the workshops, Peter has become a trusted advisor within our Customer Care department assisting us with strategic planning and leadership mentoring. Whether in a meeting or over dinner, I’ve had the pleasure of benefiting from Peter’s guidance and is someone I will always make time for. I highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for executive coaching or strategic guidance on how take their business unit to the next level. 

Jeff Dubblestyne
VP Professional Services, PointClickcare

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