Leading Change - The Need for Speed

October 14, 2010

This is the fourth installment in my series on Change Management: 
Chapter 1: Leading Change - Part 1 of a Series
Chapter 2: Leading Change - The Art of Change Management
Chapter 3: Leading Change in a Perfect Storm

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Leading Change in a Perfect Storm

October 5, 2010

This is the third installment in my series on Change Management: 
Chapter 1: Leading Change - Part 1 of a Series
Chapter 2: Leading Change - The Art of Change Management

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Leading Change - The Art of Change Management

October 4, 2010

This is a continuation of my previous blog: Leading Change - Part 1 of a Series

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Leading Change - Part I of a Series

September 30, 2010

At a recent coaching session, our discussions turned to "leading change in an organization". My client is a small software company in a niche market. They have been successful growing the company by hiring junior staff. As a result, their average age demographic is well below 30. In benchmark comparison to other software companies, their revenue productivity per employee is low but offset by a majority of entry level salaries, resulting in a high energy, young company that  is cash flow positive, growing and successful.

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Optimists, Pessimists and Pragmatists

September 17, 2010

Have you ever been accused of being "Cup Half Empty" versus "Cup Half Full"? Winston Churchill once said "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

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Trust and Referrals

September 16, 2010

I met a CEO who had hired a new manager. I had referred another candidate to the CEO but that candidate had chosen another offer that was a better fit. She was impressed by the company that she did not choose so she referred a former employee of hers for the job that she had turned down. This person was interviewed and subsequently hired. On Day 2 of the new job, he resigned to accept an offer from a large management consulting company. I do not know the details but can only assume he had been interviewing for both jobs, had accepted the first offer but then was offered the management consulting job, which was his preferred choice.

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Making Big Bets

September 15, 2010

It was Bridgescale's Mentor Monday this week and one of the speakers was David Ossip, formerly the founder and CEO of Workbrain, now founder and CEO of Dayforce.  David is creating Dayforce by making big bets, but as a successful four-time entrepreneur, his bets are calculated.

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When people ask how I build my Network

August 29, 2010

Somehow I have gotten a reputation as a person with a large network and someone people can come to when they are looking for referrals to talented people.  As a result, I am often asked how I came to have this large and rich network. The funny thing is that 10 years ago, I didn't.  In fact, I was fairly anonymous. By nature, I am very shy and introverted although most people do not know that because I can be gregarious when necessary. Ten years ago, I also didn't think having a network was important.

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