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Getting Good at Email

January 13, 2015

Getting good at email.

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Backing a Winner

February 5, 2014

As some of you may know, I am an avid skier and ski & teach at the Georgian Peaks Club. It is a private ski club (a phenomena known only to Ontario). The club has about 750 families and has a reputation for strong competitive ski and snowboard development programs that have produced a number of Alpine Canada National Team Members.

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The challenges of launching a new website

January 19, 2014

Why people with lousy tastes in style or colour should not be allowed to build a website.

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I'm Back

April 15, 2013

It was a busy year beginning this year and I over-committed. As a result, my blogging time slipped off my calendar combined with some apparent mental block about writing. I would start a blog, get bogged down and stop. A few days later, I would come across a new idea and the same thing would hppen. As a result, I have a file folder filled with half finished blogs.

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My LinkedIn Experiment

December 1, 2012

Large picture2A few weeks ago, I proposed an experiment on LinkedIn to crowd source opinions of who I am. The challenge was to capture the consensus of people in my LinkedIn network regarding their perception of me. To do so, I proposed using LinkedIn's new Skills Endorsement feature to capture these market perceptions.

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Crowdsourcing who you are

October 23, 2012

Large linkedin expertiseIf you use LinkedIn, you have seen their latest social engagement initiative that prompts you to endorse a skill of someone in your network.  At first, I ignored this but then people started endorsing me, or more specifically started endorsing a specific skill that they perceived I have.

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